For the Business Traveller

Taiwan is one of Asia’s real economic powerhouses, and is a major business travel destination.

When you think of Taiwan, thoughts of a thriving business community built on shipping, manufacturing and banking inevitably come to mind. Or maybe it’s the familiar stamp, “Made in Taiwan.” Taiwan knows business – it is one of the strongest and fastest growing commercial hubs in the world. With decade of experience in international business, it is safe to say and successful business events are definitely made in Taiwan.

Taipei by night Taipei by night

The island has a variety of exhibition and meeting facilities to accommodate anything from big world-class events as well as smaller, more intimate gatherings. But Taiwan’s people set the destination above and beyond other major meeting places in the world. The Taiwanese are known their personal service with attention to detail.

Taipei, Taichung and Kaohsiung all have world-class trade centers, and first-rate and five-star international hotels with professional business centers and meeting rooms. The list below is a useful resource for planning business events.

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