Penghu Ocean Fireworks Festival


The Penghu Ocean Fireworks Festival is one of the big annual tourist draws in Penghu County, an attractive collection of tourist-friendly small islands in the Taiwan Strait. The festival is jam-packed with activities, and a variety of tour packages are offered that maximize visitors’ enjoyment of the alluring local natural landscape, culture, and delicious seafood delicacies – with the grand fireworks-fest as the itinerary’s magnum opus. The main fireworks-release stage is by the artistic steel-arch Xiying Rainbow Bridge near the Guanyin Pavilion, and the reflections of bridge and fireworks on the open ocean water under the night sky creates the most romantic of canvases.

Dates: April & May

Location: Guanyin Pavilion Recreation Area (觀音亭休閒園區), 7 Jieshou Rd., Magong City, Penghu County (澎湖縣馬公市介壽路7號)