Every August and September, a sea of orange flowers waves in the breeze beneath the blue sky, a beautiful sight to behold. Summer is the blooming season for the day liles of Chikeshan (Yuli) and Liushishishan (Fuli). Also known as the “carefree flower,” they open in the morning and close at night, thus earning the elegant nickname “beauty for a day.” Easy to plant and grow, they’ve earned another nickname, “poor man’s orchid,” symbolizing beauty and durability. The orange sea of day lilies gently waves in the wind and is set off against a brilliant sun, producing a magnificently colorful image of blue skies, white clouds, green mountains, and the red Earth. Visitors can enjoy the scenic beauty and fresh air and appreciate the most beautiful sea of day lily flowers. When the day liles are in full bloom, they turn Taiwan into a “little Sweden,” as the comfortable climate and beautiful landscape are great for family trips. In addition to the vast beauty of the sea of flowers, visitors can observe the nighttime ecology, see the stars, bird watch, sip tea, or try out the Day Lily flavor restaurant, relaxing, being close to nature, and trying out fine cuisine.

  • Dates: 2013/08/01-2013-09-25
  • Locations:  1. Chihke Mountain   Chihke Section, Yuli Township, Hualien County
                    2. Mt. Liushihtan   Jhutian Section, Fuli Township, Hualien County
  • Tel: 03-823-2509
  • More: http://www.eventaiwan.tw/cal_en/list