The Huashan Living Arts Festival is aimed at providing Taiwan performing groups the opportunity to interconnect and learn as well as move out internationally, giving Taiwanese and overseas performing artists and both “upstream and downstream” people involved in the performing arts business the change to “communicate,” letting the world see Taiwan’s extraordinary creativity in the performing arts and providing for its “sustainable development.” The Festival builds Taiwan into an international performing arts trading platform with a set time and place focusing on “interchange,” “creativity,” and “life.” In addition to inviting potential Taiwanese buyers, international curators are also invited to join, with the aim of making Taiwan Asia’s most influential performing arts business exchange through the participation of a wide variety of performance groups. The event combines a unique sensation and creative impact turning Huashan1914 Creative Park into a performing arts theme park, creating a new arts look for Taipei and showing off the city’s cultural creative powers. The Park includes the Center Stage, the New Edge Stage, installation exhibits, free performances, film, workshops, and forums.