When the northeast monsoon begins to blow, the arrival of the migratory black-faced spoonbills and whiskered terns announce that the Southwest Coast National Scenic Area bird watching season has formally begun! Each year from autumn to the following March, from the northernmost Hukou Wetlands, Aogu Wetlands, Puzi River Wetlands, Budai Saltland Wetlands, and the Haomeiliao Wetlands to the Beimen Lagoon, Qigu Wetlands, and the southernmost Sicao Wetlands, the land is alive with birds, each place a veritable bird watcher’s paradise. Visitors can also drop by nearby Qigu Salt Mountain and Qigu Lagoon for a bird watching tour. Among the birds, the most famous is the black-faced spoonbill in the Qigu Wetlands. No only do Taiwanese bird watchers flock to the area, birdwatchers from abroad highly prize this experience. This time of year offers the best opportunity for catching sight of the black-faced spoonbill, and those lucky enough to do so are rewarded with the majestic site of the black-faced spoonbills as they flap their wings and soar into the sky. The Qigu District also boasts a Spoonbill Ecological Exhibition Center where an introduction to the ecology of the cengwen River Estuary is given that includes information about the mangrove forest, fiddler crab, and water birds. Scheduled showings of short films on the black-faced spoonbill are also shown. From the nearby black-faced spoonbill bird-watching pavilion built next to the cengwen River Estuary Wetland you can watch and appreciate migratory birds like the black-faced spoonbill as well as local, resident birds. This is truly a world-class wetlands area—let’s all go and pay a visit to the home of the black-faced spoonbill!