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Title A HOPE Visit to Kinmen (HOPE, Houpu)
Introduction Of the top ten small tourist towns in Taiwan, “Jincheng Township” is the most scenic. It enables visitors to get a deep appreciation for the vitality of Kinmen’s old architectural heritage and the story of many small towns. Jincheng was in ancient times called Houpu and is located in the southwest corner of Kinmen. It is the most densely populated town on the island and its political and economic center. The settlement was quite extensive as early as the Tang-Song period, and during the Kangxi period of the Qing dynasty it became a political and economic center. There are many historical relics left in the town, particularly in the Juguang Road area, such as the ancient Lingji Shrine (Guanyin Pavilion) built during the Tang dynasty with the imposing and magnificent Memorial Arch to Chiu Liang-gong’s Mother to the side. There is also the Qing dynasty Division Commander’s Office and Guige Pagoda and Kinmen Zhu Zi Shrine on Zhupu North Road that are worth visiting. In addition, in the Juguang Road, Zhupu South Road, Guangqian Road area there many southern Fujian old-style houses and foreign two-storey villas. There are also model streets in the Japanese Taishō style. This is Jincheng’s most beautiful commercial district. The rich cultural relics have endless legendary stories behind them, and a microcosm of the age of southern Fujian culture, the home town culture of overseas Chinese, and the “battleground” culture is woven in the city streets taking you through the corridors of history. The river, ocean, harbor and city, are intertwined to create a moving and felicitous tapestry of life. Whether it’s a stroll through nature past a glistening lake or a gorgeous mountain view, or a relaxing walk along the ocean admiring the sea birds as they chase the waves, this is no longer a luxury for the lucky few to enjoy. With our jewel of a town, friendliness is our heartfelt byword and we are pleased to present our island culture. Houpu forever welcomes you with open arms!
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