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Title Kinmen Cormorant Season
Introduction The cormorant is the star player among Kinmen’s migratory birds. The sight of tens of thousands of these birds returning to their nests in the evening creates an ecological scene of major proportions. The “Kinmen Cormorant Season” focuses on watching these unique migratory birds and combining this with other creative tourist activities: as guests are taken to admire and appreciate the cormorants they also get a chance to try out a traditional Kinmen banquet, get to know overseas Chinese home town culture, have the opportunity to arrange a stay in the national park at a old-style guesthouse as well as take a bike ride to visit the Guningtou battle grounds so they can get a firsthand understanding of Minnan architecture, overseas Chinese home town culture, and a deep, personal appreciation of Kinmen’s natural and human resources. A carefree and unhurried stroll around Kinmen will put you face-to-face with a side of Kinmen you never knew, and one the Kinmen is waiting for you to discover. Battlegrounds, historical relics, and Minnan architecture, housing blocks in mixed East/West style—these all sketch out for you a Kinmen landscape you never knew. As the autumn winds blow and the “black coated army” flies south to land on Lake Ci (Cihu), Kinmen’s autumn/winter bird extravaganza is about to take center stage—will you be ready?
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