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Title Seas of Flowers in Xinshe
Introduction In 2005 the Taichung Xinshe District Nursery, established during the Japanese occupation period by the Agricultural Research Institute, set aside 30 hectares and began to plant a great number of lavender, sage, cosmos, sunflower, red sage, spider flower, and begonia semperflorens seeds and held a series of “Seas of Flowers in Xinshe” events to foster the development of the local leisure agriculture industry and raise the profile of the local agricultural product market. This is the most anticipated major yearly happening in the Dashan area, as well as the biggest and most prominent LOHAS flower event in all of Taiwan. Since its inception, this event has never ceased to break new ground in the hope of using diverse approaches to get Taiwanese to experience fully the beauty and joy of agriculture. The planning for “Seas of Flowers in Xinshe” every year centers on a unique richly developed theme pavilion and is accompanied by a local agricultural product exhibit, local fine food stalls, joint exhibits . . .There are beautiful natural flower exhibit areas interspersed with brilliant performances, a local leisure agricultural plot, special guesthouses with special package itineraries; all of which come together to create a much anticipated, major flower appreciation event for the late-autumn, early-winter period.
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Organizers Taichung City Government、Taiwan Seed Improvement and Propagation Station