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Title Celebrating the New Year in the Mountains at Cingjing (Qingjing)—Welcoming in the Winter Season
Introduction The Cingjing (Qingjing) Veterans Farm is situated 8km north of the Wushe Section of the Central Cross-Island Highway, Provincial Route14A. It is 1,750 meters above sea level and enjoys a mild, pleasant climate all year round with fresh air, verdant forests, plentiful flowers, a northern Europe-like scenery and is known as the “Wushe Shangri-La.” Immersed in this pure and beautiful natural environment far from the hubbub of the mundane world, one is easily made to forget ones worries and forget about returning home. At the end of the year the Farm works with the local government, the Uni-President company, and civic organizations to organize a uniquely creative New Year’s event with the theme: “Celebrating the New Year in the Mountains at Cingjing—Welcoming in the Winter Season,” and put on Taiwan’s “highest” New Year’s celebration party, where a dazzling fireworks display lights up the starry sky above, washing over the revelers below with a boisterous, celebratory atmosphere, warming the cockles of the hearts of every one in attendance. From December 29 to 31, the strains of melodious music intermittently adorn the Cingjing mountain landscape, surprising and delighting the participants time after time. On December 31 the celebration reaches its crescendo. The event opens with a lamp lighting ceremony and then a number of artists are invited to give outstanding performances and keep the enthusiasm of crowd going. When the New Year countdown begins the crowd bears common witness to a lifetime vow of happiness and love, and this warm and intimate atmosphere distinguishes the New Year celebration at Cingjing from all others as everyone is sincerely asked to leave behind the pressure of daily life, make use of this happy occasion of togetherness and under the starry canopy above Cingjing Farm discover what real happiness feels like!
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