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Title A Series of New Year’s Eve Activities at Sun Moon Lake
Introduction Sun Moon Lake, located in Nantou County, Yuchih (Yuchi) Township, is divided by Lalu Island and gets its name from the shape of its eastern part, shaped like the sun, and its western part, shaped like a crescent moon. As a tourist destination, it is known far and wide for its characteristic “alpine lakes,” “indigenous culture,” and “natural ecology,” enjoying a reputation as one of the Eight Wonders of Taiwan, and is also famously known as a vital center for hydroelectric power in Taiwan. Reinforced by its long history and legendary stories, it’s as if Sun Moon Lake has a mysterious veil drawn over it that attracts people to come and investigate; in 2009 it was the introduction of the cable car that created Taiwan’s first “3D” (water, land, air) itinerary, completing a unique panoramic scenic site that each year attracts more than six million Chinese and foreign tourists. To give visitors an even deeper impression, at year’s end a series of lively New Year’s activities is held on the banks of the lake. Each evening as night approaches the activities begin. In addition to the invited performing artists coming on stage, Sun Moon Lake being an area of indigenous culture, the New Year’s celebration adds a little cultural atmosphere as many indigenous friends use this opportunity to introduce the unique features of the local area. All around the area there is a kind of “Sun Moon Lake Performing Arts Festival,” as well as buskers who entertain audiences in the open air. At the conclusion of the New Year’s activities a brilliant fireworks display is held in the hope that in addition to enjoying fine cuisine, visitors will enjoy a romantic New Year’s atmosphere.
●Ita Thao No.127, Wenhua St., Sun Moon Village, Yuchi Township, Nantou County Map
Organizers Sun Moon Lake National Scenic Area Administration, Tourism Bureau, MOTC