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Title Alishan Sunrise Impression Concert
Introduction Watching the sunrise on the first day of the new year is said to bring good luck. The Alishan “Sunrise Impression Concert,” begun in 2003, takes place at 2,500m above sea level on the Zhushan Sunrise View Platform in the Alishan Forest Recreation Area. The melodious strains of the concert music are calming and moving as one greets the first sunrise and looks to one of life’s high points—the dawning of a brand new year. The “Alishan Sunrise Impression Concert” brilliantly gives voice in wide-ranging musical forms to the harmony between music and nature, with brilliant performances taking place one after the other at the Gaoyue Sunrise Viewing Platform, the Zhushan bus shelter, the visitor center, and the Xianglin Sacred Tree area. These splendid performances attract tens of thousands of visitors every year. While listening to the music, visitors can enjoy the beautiful view from the Gaoyue Scenic Viewing Platform / Xiaoliyuanshan Sunrise Platform, famous far and wide, that changes throughout the year, presenting a different atmosphere and colors with the seasons. In the wee hours of the morning at daybreak amidst an ever-changing sea of clouds and a rising sun, the countdown greets the arrival of the new year. This is a grand and imposing welcome ceremony. This year, why not make a date with your family and friends and all come together to Alishan to celebrate the New Year!
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Organizers Chiayi Forest District Office of Forestry Bureau, Chiayi County Government, Alishan National Scenic Area Adminstration Tourism Bureau, MOTC