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Title Yangmingshan Flower Festival
Introduction Yangmingshan is one of the world’s few national parks located within a major city. It is known for its volcanic terrain, rich ecological resources, and its magnificent natural scenery, which includes Xiaoyoukeng, the Lengshuikeng Recreational Area, Qingtiangang, Yangmingshuwu, the Lin Yutang House, Longfeng Valley (Longfenggu), and Sulphur Valley (Liuhuanggu), and perhaps best known is the yearly Yangmingshan Flower Festival. As it says in the Book of Poetry: “The spring-days are lengthening out; The plants and trees grow full of verdure; The oriole’s cry comes jie-jie; [Our wives] go in crowds to gather the white southernwood.” The lush green trees, the many flowers that cover the landscape, the chirping of the birds—make the gardens easily the equal of Canada’s exquisite Butchart Gardens and paint the best portrait of the Yangmingshan Flower Festival. As spring quietly makes its arrival, tree branches leaf out, new flower buds appear, and water gently begins to flow—everything is wrapped in beauty. The entire garden is planted with sakura cherry trees native to Taiwan as well as many Japanese varieties of sakura cherry, plum, azalea, and camellia plants. Unique to the green environment of a city park, this yearly spring “Flower Feast” is not to be missed. Each year the spring flower season attracts thousands of flower-watchers to come for an outing to one of Taiwan’s most famous flower festivals.
●SYangmingshan Flower Clock Square (Sec. 2, Hushan Rd., Beitou Dist., Taipei City ) Map
Tel 886-2-23813388
Organizers Yangmingshan Park Management Division, Parks and Street Lights Office, Public Works Department, Taipei City Government