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Title Yilan Green Expo
Introduction Continuing 2012’s theme of Organic Forest, Memory and Breath of the Forest, the 2013 Yilan Green Expo was situated in Wulaokeng Forest, a free and relaxing place away from the noise and bustle of the city. Based on Natural Agricultural Art, Recreational Tourism, LOHAS and Health, and Experiential Learning, the event was about the balance between production, life, and ecology, harmony and coexistence, creating Organic Comfortable Park and Organic New Yilan prospects, and new surprises for our visitors. In Wulaokeng forest, you can see eternal, deeply rooted trees that are made from recycled containers and symbolize the breath of the Earth and spirit of the Green Expo. Feel the power of the circle of life, listen to the dialogue of the birds, and appreciate dancing in nature and interaction with the Earth. The ever-changing Lanyang Plain, including Guishan Island and Lanyang Museum, extends to Su’ao, and the variations of the land delight children. Treat the Earth and nature with a spirit of humility, and convey a love of nature through creative action and installations.
●No.75, Wulaokeng Rd., Su’ao Township, Yilan County Map
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Organizers Yilan County Government