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Title Taiwan Wedding and Honeymoon Photography Activity
Introduction The north coast stretches across the Sanzhi, Shimen, Jinshan, and Wanli Districts of New Taipei City. They combine the flat sandy beaches of west and the soaring cliffs of the east and the exceptional geology and rich fauna and flora of the region create a unique natural scene. In addition, there are other attractions, such as Sanzhi’s Qianshui Bay and its characteristic coffee houses, Shimen’s Baisha Bay, the Shimen Wedding Plaza and the Laomei Green Reef, the the Jinshan Jumping Stone Coast and Juming Museum, and Wanli’s Feicui Bay and the Yehliu Geopark. These areas attract many newlyweds, who come to take wedding pictures in the scenic surroundings and in recent years has become a professional photographer’s dream spot, as well as a destination for package tours and wedding photography for newlyweds from Hong Kong, Singapore, and Malaysia. The number of newlywed couples who come to take their wedding photos has climbed from 100 in the past to some 7,000 couples today. To promote the splendid attractions and natural scenery of the north coast and encourage newlyweds and wedding photographers to visit the north coast, a “North Coast Wedding Photography Contest” has been held since 2006. Aside from producing some beautiful shots of newlyweds and the north coast, the contest also fosters wedding tourism and the opportunity to personally experience the charm of Taiwan.
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Organizers North Coast & Guanyinshan National Scenic Area Administration, Tourism Bureau, MOTC