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Title Lukang Dragon Boat Festival
Introduction Lukang Dragon Boat Festival has been held for last 35 years and is one of Taiwan’s 12 major celebrations. It includes the rich, diverse, and unique Welcoming the Dragon King ceremony. Prior to the dragon boat races, people appeal to the Dragon King deity of Longshan Temple and Water Immortal Deity of Tianhou Temple for protection and sustenance as well as a smooth year for the races and other events. In addition to the races, events include Folk Festival Tour, a event focusing on traditional customs and local Lukang specialties, and combining the local specialty industry and gift exhibition sales. The 5 museums of Zhangbin also put on a series of great events attracting a wave of tourists, and the annually designed tourist site stamps are a hot collector’s item. The events are both traditional and innovative, displaying Lukang’s heritage and vitality. Tourists can wander the beautiful cultural sites and try out the fine foods in the market. Welcome to Lukang’s Dragon Boat Festival, where you can experience the charm and passion of this little town.
●Lugang Township and Zhangbin area (Lugang Township, Changhua County)Changhua County Map
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Organizers Changhua County Government, LuKang Town Office