Gourmet Guide

There is a saying that In Taiwan, there is a snack shop every three steps and a restaurant every five. The island has a great culinary culture, and Taiwanese people love to cook and really love to eat.

Culinary delights of Taiwan Culinary delights of Taiwan

Taiwanese specialties include crab cakes, three-cup chicken, fried egg with dried radish, roast pork with bamboo shoots, rice in bamboo tubes, deep fried stream shrimp. Buddha Jumping Over The Wall is another favorite meal, its a stew made with abalone, scallops, spareribs, mushrooms and other ingredients slowly cooked in a wine jug over charcoal for more than five hours.

Taiwan has a reputation for being a tea empire. Its topography and climate are ideal for growing tea plants. There are many varieties of tea plants grown in Taiwan and they are famous for being aromatic with a sweet and pure flavor. Taiwan's four mainstream teas are Wenshan Baozhong Tea, Dongding Oolong Tea, Pekoe Oolong Tea and Tie Guanyin.

Taipei Grocery Shopping Taipei Grocery Shopping

Pineapple is grown in Taiwan and widely produced into jams and drinks. But pineapple cakes (tangy pineapple encased in a crisp and flakey crust), are a specialty on the island. The Li Hu Pastry Shop from the city of Keelung is a well-known bakery which makes this tasty dessert.

Taiwan's cold drink of choice is Boba, also known as "pearl milk tea." It tastes like tea mixed with milk, with chunks of tapioca on the bottom. It is served cold with a straw.

Restaurants in Taiwan are known for their high standards of food preparation and serve a variety of Chinese specialties: There are seven main categories, each with their own unique flavors:

A journey through Taiwan is a feast for the senses, and that includes tastes. With local cuisines combined with the very best of Chinese cooking, you'll discover a whole new dining experience every single day.