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Yangmingshan Hot Springs  -

Yangmingshan is the back yard of the people of the greater Taipei area. In addition to its plethora of flowers and other vegetation, one of its main features is the volcanic terrain that gives Yangmingshan a limitless supply of geothermal resources a .....MORE

Wulai Hot Springs  -

Wulai is the home of Atayal tribespeople, and here you can observe their traditional dances and rituals; if you're interested, you can join in the dancing yourself. You can also enjoy the sight of a gushing waterfall amidst the lush green landscape, .....MORE

Suao Cold Springs/Renze Hot Springs  -

Ilan is a land not only of beautiful natural scenery but also rich mineral-spring resources. The cold springs of Suao produce colorless, odorless bicarbonate water at a temperature of 22 degrees Celsius. The water is naturally carbonated. There are o .....MORE

Rueisuei hot springs  -

Eastern Taiwan is well known for its natural hot springs. Among the best known of these are Jhihben, Wulu, and Green Island in Taitung County, and those of Antung, Ruisui, Hongye, and Wenshan in Hualien County. The Rueisuei hot springs were discovere .....MORE

Miaoli - Taian hot springs  -

The Taian hot spring area is located in Miaoli County's Antung Township and includes the Hushan hot spring, Taian hot spring, and Tenglong hot spring. The area is surrounded by beautiful scenery, so in addition to savoring hot-spring soaks you can al .....MORE

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