Miaoli - Taian hot springs

The Taian hot spring area is located in Miaoli County's Antung Township and includes the Hushan hot spring, Taian hot spring, and Tenglong hot spring. The area is surrounded by beautiful scenery, so in addition to savoring hot-spring soaks you can also enjoy the beauties of mountains and forests here.

The bicarbonate water of the Taian hot spring area is colorless and odorless, and is said to be effective in treating arthritis, neuralgia, and gastric ailments. The main source of the water is Taian, where it comes from the ground at a temperature of about 47 degrees Celsius. The Hushan hot spring is situated on a sandbar in the river bed, and the Hushan Hot Spring Hotel provides bathing and overnight facilities.

The Tenglong hot spring is approximately 3.8 kilometers east of the Hushan hot spring and provides facilities for country activities. The Taian hot spring area is surrounded by outstanding scenery that includes Mt. Malabang, famous for its colored maple leaves, its year-round mists, and its production of peaches, plums, pears, and cultivated below the mountain, and are harvested every year from December through April. For the red jujubes of Gongguan, the harvest season is July and August.

If you have an inclination to see exquisite wood-carving arts, you can travel to Taiwan's main wood-carving center at nearby Sanyi. The carvers here use camphor wood to create a wide range of items from small and lifelike animal images to large furniture pieces.