Yangmingshan Hot Springs

Yangmingshan is the back yard of the people of the greater Taipei area. In addition to its plethora of flowers and other vegetation, one of its main features is the volcanic terrain that gives Yangmingshan a limitless supply of geothermal resources and makes it an ideal place for hot-spring bathing.

The hot springs here are located within the scenic area of the Yangmingshan National Park, so that they are surrounded by enchanting scenery that makes this a fine spot for savoring the beauties of nature. The hot spring water of Yangmingshan is mostly clear, but some of the springs produce a greenish water. It is effective in treating skin diseases, hardening of the arteries, and rheumatism.

Most of these springs are concentrated on the western flank of Mt. Shamao, at Liuku and Qiku; there are a lot of places for bathing here, including the Yangmingshan hot-spring area, Coldwater Depression, Macao, and Gengziping. The water from these different places has different mineral contents, giving each spring its own distinctive features in terms of minerals, temperature, and medical effect. The water of the Coldwater Depression, for example, is a milk-white in color and has a temperature lower than that of other hot springs in the Yangmingshan area--this is why the place is named Coldwater Depression--at about 40 degrees Celsius.

It is said to be effective in treating chronic arthritis, muscular aches and pains, chronic skin diseases, anemia, diabetes, gout, and measles. The Macao hot springs come from the earth at a temperature of 70-75 degrees Celsius and are good for treating feminine ailments, diabetes, and gout; be careful, though, if you have excessive uric acid or bladder stones.
The water of the Gengziping springs is even hotter--its temperature can be as high as 99 degrees--and is believed to be beneficial for chronic arthritis, muscular aches and pains, chronic skin diseases, gout, and syphilis; you should not bathe in this water, however, if you suffer from excessive uric acid, bladder stones, bladder inflamation, chronic gastritis, bronchitis, chronic hepatitis, or neuralgia.

In addition to the pleasures of hot-spring bathing, nearby areas of Yangminghan also offer enchanting scenery such as that at Zhuzihu, Jingtiangang, the Datun Nature Park, the Xiaoyoukeng Recreation Area, the Grass Mountain presidential house, and Yangmingshan Park. In these places you can feel the strong allure of the area's natural scenery and taste its special foods as well, including its Chinese cabbage, sweet potatoes, bamboo shoots, and hot-spring taro.