Taiwan emerges as a top holiday hot spot

Wednesday, January 29th 2014
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 Taiwan might once have been known just as a place for cheap electrical goods. But no more! Taiwan has become not just an economic powerhouse, but has also realized its potential as a tourism destination. And, people around the world are beginning to take notice.
Prestigious publications such as CNN Go, the New York Times and Britain's Guardian newspaper have recently picked up on the incredible cultural vibrancy that makes Taiwan a perfect travel destination.
From the traditional to the new and unique, Taiwan offers a vast array of attractions. Check out the best collection of Chinese historical artifacts at the National Palace Museum with its impressive collection of more than 650,000 items. Or hit one of the island’s more than 300 night markets, where you can enjoy the atmosphere and try some of the local specialties such as oyster omelets or stinky tofu.
Taiwan has many unique features, and CNN Go lists 10 things that Taiwan does better than any other country in the world. Among these is its obsession with Hello Kitty, which extends from a themed restaurant and hotel suites to EVA Airways Hello Kitty jets. You can also visit the home of the now world famous Din Tai Fung dumpling restaurant, which was selected by CNN as one of the top two restaurant franchises in the world.
The island has an easy-to-navigate public transport network that links a cosmopolitan capital with a bounty of natural and man-made wonders, and top boutique hotels such as Le Meridien and W Hotel are mushrooming in Taipei. Homegrown bookstore chain Eslite offers a trendy and original shopping environment, and one branch is renowned for being open 24 hours a day. If you have had enough of the city, head out to the island’s national parks and scenic areas for some of the most beautiful scenery in the world.
With so much going on, it is no surprise that Taiwan has won a place on the international travel map as one of the world’s top destinations.