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Google and Taiwan Tourism Bureau announce new global YouTube campaign to showcase Taiwan’s national beauty and heritage (Thursday, August 14th 2014)

Aug 13th 2014, Taipei, Taiwan - Today Google announced “Anytime for Taiwan-Film Taiwan, Action!”, a joint campaign with Taiwan's Tourism Bureau aimed at bringing more of Taiwan’s national heritage and beauty online for the world to experience. The “Anyt..... MORE

Taiwan Tourism Bureau Partners with Houston Rockets (Tuesday, March 4th 2014)

Taiwan Tourism Bureau and the Houston Rockets began an integrated marketing partnership on Jan. 22, 2014, to focus increased international development in the fourth-largest city in the United States – the City of Houston, TX. In order to enhance Taiwan’s image and awareness, Taiwan..... MORE

“Taste Taiwan” culinary show to air on Discovery Channel (Thursday, February 13th 2014)

The Taiwan Tourism Bureau has announced the broadcasting of “Taste Taiwan,” a special30-minuteculinary program featuring three award-winning chefs on an 8-day culinary journey through Taiwan. Selected to participate in this tour after being nominated during the Taiwan ..... MORE

Taiwan emerges as a top holiday hot spot (Wednesday, January 29th 2014)

Taiwan might once have been known just as a place for cheap electrical goods. But no more! Taiwan has become not just an economic powerhouse, but has also realized its potential as a tourism destination. And, people around the world are beginning to take notice. Prestigious publications ..... MORE

It's true! iTaiwan is accepting online applications! International tourists can apply beforehand and enjoy free WiFi access as soon as they arrive in Taiwan. (Monday, January 20th 2014)

To help overseas tourists visiting Taiwan stay connected with their family and friends back home and access a wealth of Taiwan tourism and other information online, the Tourism Bureau, MOTC is providing the iTaiwan service. It gives free WiFi service to tourists at around 5,100 locations throughou..... MORE

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