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Taipei Economic & Cultural Offices- Tourism Division: Notice of Position Vacancy (Monday, May 2nd 2016)

Taipei Economic & Cultural Offices- Tourism Division is looking for a contractor to help with Strategic Planning and Marketing. Office is located in Downtown San Francisco. Applicants must meet the following employment requirements: Applicants must be a citizen of the United States o..... MORE

In Search of Taiwan Fans (Friday, November 20th 2015)

An estimated 10 million international visitors will have visited Taiwan by December 2015 – a breakthrough from previous years. According to the 2014 Annual Survey Report on Visitors Expenditure and Trends , the regions with the highest rate of returning visitors to Taiwan in the last 3 years are..... MORE

Taiwan Tourism Bureau Tender Notification (Tuesday, October 27th 2015)

Name of host Entity: Taiwan Tourism Bureau, Ministry of Transport and Communications (MOTC), San Francisco Office Name of project: 2016-2017 Time for Taiwan Promotional Campaign for the Canada Market entrusted by Taiwan Tourism Bureau Objective of project: to enhance..... MORE

Press Conference on the 2015 Taiwan Tourism Global Promotional Films (Tuesday, October 6th 2015)

Taiwan – a place whose residents are well aware of its beauty, but what should it showcase to let the rest of the world know this and attract more foreign travelers to come here? Today, the Tourism Bureau will issue its all new promotional films to meet this goal. We hope that through the ..... MORE

2/19 – 2/22 Tour Taiwan for the Thrill of Discovery Explore the Hidden Treasure at the 63rd Annual Pacific Orchid Exposition (Thursday, February 12th 2015)

San Francisco, CA - The 63rd Pacific Orchid Exposition 2015, "The Thrill of Discovery", will be held at the Fort Mason Center in San Francisco from February 19th to the 22nd. The four-day event attracts nearly 30,000 American orchid enthusiasts every year. Praised as the &l..... MORE

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