Night Markets

A booth at Shihlin night market A booth at Shihlin night market

As the sun sets over many Taiwanese towns and cities, people everywhere head for the markets. Known as "Night Markets" these collections of street stalls, sidewalk vendors and small canteens are a major part of the Taiwanese social scene.An excellent environment for shopping, eating and catching up with friends in the cool of the evening- the Night market attracts crowds of locals and visitors alike.


In the night markets, goods on sale vary from fresh food ingredients to electronic goods and clothing- but one thing is for sure- you'll always find something good to eat. Typical Taiwanese snacks are found everywhere, but each night market has its own traditions and characteristics. Known for their low priced, freshly cooked snacks and fast food meals- a night market is great place to sample local cuisine while taking in the local culture and nightlife.

Night markets of Taipei Night markets of Taipei

ight markets can be found all over the island. The most popular ones in northern Taiwan include Shihlin Night Market, Keelung Night Market and Tonghua Street Night Market. Fengchia Night Market and Liuhr Night Market are respectively the most well-known night markets in central and southern Taiwan.


Some of these markets are also open during the day, but they really come alive at around 7pm until 11pm- or later on weekends.

Night-market snacks

Pearl milk tea


Pearl milk tea, which originated from the Spring Water Teahouse in Taichung is quite a special beverage in Taiwan . The famous tea drink is made from little tapioca balls that are boiled in black sugar and dropped in the milk tea, which tastes great served cold or hot.

Oyster omelet


Oyster omelets here are made from fresh oysters, eggs, and vegetables. Give them a try!

Cuttlefish thick soup

Thick, delicious cuttlefish soup is a delicacy here. The soup goes well with noodles or rice.

Stinky tofu


The Taiwanese say that the more stinky the tofu is, the more delicious it is. Once stinky tofu ferments, it gives off an unforgettable aroma. This treat is prepared in a variety of ways -- fried, steamed, simmered in sugary soy sauce, cooked in spicy sauces, etc., Try some! You haven't truly experienced a night market if you haven't sampled stinky tofu!

Fried chicken fillet

Fried chicken fillet is a popular snack, especially among young people. The fillets are hammered until they're soft, coated in flour, and fried. This golden, crisp treat is not to be missed!

Tourist Night MarketsLocation
Keelung Temple Night MarketBetween Jen 3rd. Rd. and Ai 4th Rd.
Taipei City Shihlin Night MarketBetween Wenlin Rd. , Tatung Rd. , and Anping Rd.
Taipei City Jaoho Night MarketIntersection of Pateh Rd. , Sec. 4 and Fuyuan St. (up to Tziyou Temple on Pateh Rd. )
Taipei City Huashi Street (Snake Alley) Tourist Night MarketBetween Hsiyuan Rd. and Huanho South Rd.
Taipei City Linjiang Night MarketLinjiang St. and Tunghua St. between Hsinyi Rd. , Sec. 4 and Keelung Rd. , Sec. 2
Taipei City Liaoning Night MarketBetween Changan East Rd. and Chunghsing Senior High School
Taipei City Chingmei Night MarketIn the vicinity of Chingmei St.
Panchiao Nanya Night MarketWithin Nanya East Rd.
Chungho Hsingnan Night MarketBetween Hsinyi St. and Lane 410 of Chinghsin St .
Hsinchuang Night MarketHsinchuan Rd. , behind Hsinchuang Junior High School
Hsinchu City City God Temple Night MarketArea surrounding City God Temple as well as Chungshan Rd. and Hsian St .
Taichung City Chunghua Night MarketChunghua Rd. between Kungyuan Rd. and Minchuan Rd.
Taichung City Fengchia Night MarketFushing Rd. between Hsitun Rd. , Sec. 2 and Hsian St .
Taichung City Tunghai Villas Night MarketIntersection of Tungyuan Lane and Hsinshing Rd.
Changhua Lukang Night MarketBetween Lukang's Tienho Temple and Mintsu Rd.
Chiayi Wenhua Night MarketFrom the fountain circle on Chungshan Rd. up to Tsuiyang Rd.
Tainan City Hsiaopei Night MarketHsimen Rd. up to the Linan Rd. intersection
Kaohsiung City Lioho Night MarketPart Lioho 2nd Rd. between Chungshan 1st Rd. and Tzuli 2nd Rd.
Kaoshiung Hsinshing Night MarketIn the vicinity of Nanhua Rd.
Pingtung City Mintsu Night MarketOn Mintsu Rd. and in the area of Fushing Rd. under the bridge
Yilan County Lotung Night MarketCenter of Lotung Town , around Chungshan Park
Hualien City Nanpin Night MarketEntrance to Nanpin Park