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Taiwan Billboard Survey Report

By TVA --- LA Published December 16, 2006

Taiwan Billboard Survey


1.      Do you live or work around LAX?

Yes!G373    No!G664


2.      Would you be able to notice the billboard from Century Blvd?

Yes!G902    No!G135


3.      Do you know anything about Taiwan?

 Yes!G208    No!G186    I have some knowledge of it!G643


4.      What do you think the billboard is trying to promote?

Taiwan!G968   Website!G54   Other!G15


5.      How would you rate the design of the billboard?

Excellent!G462   Good!G426   Fair!G108   Poor!G41


6.      How would you rate the friendliness of the billboard?

Excellent!G902   Good!G125   Fair!G7   Poor!G3


7.      After seeing the billboard, do you wish to find out more about tourism to Taiwan?

Yes!G269   No!G126   Maybe!G642


8.      Do you think you can notice the website ( on the billboard if you drive by?

Yes!G839   No!G93   Maybe!G105


9.      Would you check out the website afterward?

Yes!G456   No!G124   Maybe!G457


10. Overall, how would you rate this billboard?

Excellent!G125   Good!G459   Fair!G424   Poor!G29




This appraisal report revealed putting a large Taiwan billboard advertisement in the busy Los Angeles International Airport entrance, and changing it!|s location from against the traffic to facing the traffic in October, 2006, were very effective. Since more than 87% of the people have noted the billboard when passing by and more than 94% of them knew the billboard is promoting Taiwan tourism (last survey was 67%), we knew the results of advertisement is outstanding. This report also showed that about 80% of the people might be more interested to explore more about Taiwan after seeing the billboard. All these people could be our potential customers for Taiwan tourisms. Therefore, if there were stronger incentives to attract the consumers to come to Taiwan, and built Taiwan into a tourist paradise image, we believed the US citizens and travelers will be more interested about visiting Taiwan.

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