The many narrow gorges and winding rivers of Eastern Taiwan make for perfect rafting country- and the Hsiukuluan is the best white water in the area. Well organized and fully equipped rafting trips are run from the nearby town of Hualien.

Rafting East Taiwan Rafting in the Hsiukuluan River

With 22kms of fine grade rapids to run, a white water expedition is a full day event, carrying rafts along a twisting course of challenging water- with unforgettable scenery along the way. This is a must for any adventurous traveler in Taiwan.

The Laonung River is the second most popular spot for white water rafting in Taiwan. It is located at Liouguei Township in Kaohsiung County in the south of Taiwan. Although it doesn’t compare to the volume of activity on the Hsiukuluan which is the biggest in eastern Taiwan, rafting in the Laonung River can be more thrilling than in the Hsiukuluan River because is has lots of riptide and wiggly course.

Rafting trips can be booked and arranged in both Taipei and Hualien click here for Tour Operators

The river is also popular with Kayakers looking to run rapids. More sedate kayaking can be found on the rivers throughout Wulai, south of Taipei. Contact the Adventure Kayak Club of Taipei (2930-1430)