Central Taiwan

The central Taiwan is home to the highest, most dramatic landscapes in Taiwan, excellent hiking country among the bamboo forests, waterfalls and peaks of Alishan and Tungpu. Above all of this is mighty Mt Yushan- a challenging summit for experienced mountaineers

West Taiwan Alishan West Taiwan Alishan


The mountain resort of Alishan is a popular place for Taiwanese residents to escape the heat and stress of the city. The cool fresh mountain area and timeless beauty of the forests make this an ideal place to relax, unwind and explore.

There are a large number of hiking trails through the hills and mountains, with plenty of options for varying levels of fitness.

One of the most popular hikes is the easy ascent of Chushan to watch the sun rise over the surrounding countryside.

West Taiwan Mt.Yushan West Taiwan Mt.Yushan


Mt.Yushan is the highest point in Taiwan with an elevation of 3952 meters. It has 11 separate peaks, all of which are steep and rocky. This makes Yushan an extremely challenging climb for Mountaineers. The best time to climb the mountain is from October to December during the dry season. From January to March, there are deep snows on the upper reaches of the mountain.

There is a great deal of wildlife in the forests surrounding Yushan, including black bear, wild boar, water deer, longhaired mountain goat, flying squirrel, and monkeys. About 151 species of birds and 228 types of butterflies, can also be seen on the mountain.

The route to and from the mountain passes several spectacular waterfalls, such as the Seven Threads and Dragon Cloud falls.

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Sun Moon Lake Hsitou Sun Moon Lake Hsitou


This high cool area is widely regarded as one of the most romantic places in Taiwan, - a peaceful forest reserve located near Sun Moon Lake. The main attraction here is the deep still bamboo forests, ideal for long relaxing walks.

The peaceful atmosphere of Hsitou makes this Taiwan!|s number one Honeymoon destination.

Hiking trails Tungpu Hiking trails Tungpu


Less known and visited than Alishan, Tungpu is one of Taiwan!|s best kept secrets- a paradise for hikers and trekkers.

Completely unspoilt and relatively isolated, Tungpu has a series of hiking trails along high mountain passes and along precipitous clifftops with spectacular views.

When you!|ve completed your hike and want to relax- nature has provided several hot springs in the area, perfect for sinking into an resting your tired muscles.

Anyone with a love of truly wild hiking should strap on their pack and head for Tungpu.

Lion's Head Mountain

The peaceful hills of Lion's Head Mountain are Taiwan's leading Buddhist retreat and the rolling green countryside is dotted with pagodas and isolated monasteries. This beautiful countryside encourages stillness and contemplation, and attending a dawn service at one of the temples or monasteries is a glimpse into the eternal and timeless art of zen.